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Trade Name

Samurai Translators K.K.
Corporate number: F2900-02-021926


Chief Translator: Shunichi Nagae (Resume(Resume of Chief Translator, Shunichi Nagae English resume PDF))
Member of Japanese Association of Translators (JAT)

Samurai Translators K.K. Tokyo Sales Office

Address 6-2-5 Hoei Build. 501, Akasak, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Samurai Translators K.K. Tokyo Sales Office
Phone 03-6426-5368
Fax 03-6368-5417

Location Map

Samurai Translators K.K. Fukuoka Head Office

Address 4-8-30-4F Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Japan (814-0002)
Samurai Translators K.K.
Phone 092-985-3466
FAX 092-985-3467

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Main Business

Translation in various languages and any other businesses incidental thereto

Affiliated Professional Associations, etc.

Japan Translation Federation (JTF): (Samurai Translatorsis listed under the company name Samurai Translators K.K.). Japan Translation Federation is a professional organization of the leading translation companies within Japan engaged in commercial translation and is authorized as a public-interest corporation by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

History of Samurai Translators and Registered Matters, Etc.

Myer Japan Y.K. was established in November 1999. Translation business trading as Samurai Translators commenced. Samurai Translators K.K. in addition was established in order to respond more flexibly to grawing translation demands from corporate clients.

Registered Trade Marks, etc.

"Samurai Translators®" is registered trade name and trade mark owned by Samurai Translators K.K. Illustrations and characters used in this website are owned by Samurai Translators K.K. and their marks, designs, images and animations are registered with the Patent Agency in Japan.

Name of Company in English

The name of the Company in English is : Samurai Translators K. K. and the name of the registered trademark in English is: Samurai Translators®

The Origins of Samurai Translator's Company Name

Japan is strongly identified and associated as being the indigenous home of the medieval Samurai renowned for their strict code of conduct and disciplined training. We modern day translators in much the same way as the Samurai before us, are skilled in words which are our swords, completely dedicate ourselves to the improvement of our translation technique, are devoted to our craft and aspire to put our best efforts into each and every translation project we receive. As such we can also be accorded the name “Samurai”. The word Samurai rolls off the tongue easily and being a relatively well recognized word across the globe, is easily remembered and easy to transfer to English. Whether in English or Japanese, the word Samurai is the same.