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Translation Fields

Translation fieldsSamurai Translators provides a timely and reliable translation service consistent with our mission to offer accurate and easy to read translations at affordable prices. We translate a diverse range of documents from general documents to more specialized document types primarily in English<->Japanese but also to and from other languages including Chinese, Korean and Italian, etc. We are attentive to our customers' needs and to detail which means we always deliver a translation which is right first time. Our translation fields are briefly outlined below. For more detailed information about our translation fields please take a look at our individual pages from the Translation Fields menu. To find out what languages we have available, visit our Products and Pricing page.

Main Translation Areas

Translation of specialized documents

    Samurai Translators offers:
  • Translations of the highest quality
  • Speedy translations
  • Extensive knowledge
    in the following fields ....
General Documents
Websites and Homepages
Finance and Accounting
Securities and Exchange
Financial Reports
Contracts and Agreements
Legal and Judicial
Company Registers and Certificates
Articles of Incorporation
Real Estate
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Family Registers
Marriage Certificates
Academic Certificates

Business-Related Translations

Samurai Translators General Document and Other Main Translation Fields Samurai Translators specializes in translating business related documents including various types of contracts and agreements, financial statements, minutes of general shareholders meetings and board of directors meetings, articles of incorporation/association, company brochures and many others.

Samurai Translators is not limited to the above mentioned translations. We also handle website translation, court statements, discourse translations, distribution agreements, disclosure agreements, international conference presentations, all types of speeches and voice recorded translations. Please consult us about any translation requirements you may have, and what languages you may need.

If you have any questions about a translation you need done, please feel free contact us at any time. We will reply promptly to your requests. You can contact us at: Samurai Translator's E-mail|

We are also available for proofreading requests.

For more in-depth information about translations of official documents please check out our sister site at Samurai Translator's Family Resister Translations

Types of documents we excel in

Samurai Translators has been operating successfully for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the following types of documents: Real estate, appraisals, contracts, brochures, correspondence, regulatory documents, webpages, homepages, visa applications, company registration documents, company articles of incorporation/association, financial statements, family registers, all types of medical, technical, technological and legal documents, visa and immigration documents, school transcripts, university transcripts, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage & divorce decrees, medical and insurance records, thesis excerpts and abstracts.

Business and Company Related
articles of incorporation
company registries
commercial registers
certificates of complete historical records
certificates of all removed matters
corporate tax returns
share certificates
distributor agreements
confidentiality agreements
Declaration of Trust (Nominee Agreement)
assumption of risk agreement
consignment agreements
consulting agreements
Finance and Tax Related
annual reports
securities reports
annual returns
income tax returns
withholding tax certificates
municipal tax and prefectural tax
notification of special levy amount
Real Estate and Leasing
real estate appraisals
building/land lease agreements
inherited property agreements
birth certificates
marriage certificates
death certificates
certificates of no impediment to marriage
marriage and divorce decrees
acceptance certificates
resident cards
immigration documents
certificates of registered matters
driver's licenses
vehicle inspection certificates
medical certificates
medical and insurance records
Family Registers
original family registers
abridged family registers
obsolete family registers
certificates of registered matters
certificates of all present matters
certificates of personal matters
removed family registers
Employment and Education
academic transcripts
graduation certificates
abstracts of papers
curricula vitae
recommendation letters
employment agreements
certificates of employment
certificates of salary payment
teacher's licenses
physician's licenses
skill training course completion certificates pursuant to Industrial Safety and Health Act
specialized training diplomas for jobs such as arc welding, etc

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