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Samurai Translators Our Mission

Our Mission

Samurai Translators provides its clients with a cost-effective translation product of excellent quality.

Our Philosophy

      ➢ To provide industry-leading quality
      ➢ To provide swift delivery
      ➢ To provide assured performance
      ➢ To provide translations faithful to the original format

Our Mission

Samurai Translators was founded as a translation company in 1999 and its purpose, "to contribute to Japanese society and global society as a whole by providing translations in foreign languages".
When we first began, we were only able to meet translation needs on a relatively small scale but now having expanded our translation techniques and experience, we are able to meet a variety of translation needs from small personal projects to large-scale corporate projects.

Our clients include overseas translation companies and agencies as well as individual clients. Our in-house translators and proofreaders handle translations between Japanese and English of both general documents and documents in specialized fields such as finance, law, real estate as well as technical translations for vessels and automobiles, etc. When we take on translations in specialized areas, translators with superior skills and knowledge in specialized fields hand picked by our Chief Translator and CEO work in collaboration with him to produce the most accurate translations.

We offer translations from and into many other languages in addition to Japanese and English. When carrying out translations into other languages, we have our partner translators in the country of the target language handle the translation and then one of our translators native in that language proofreads and edits the final product. When translating to Japanese, our Japanese partners in Japan or overseas create a first draft of the translation which is then proofread and edited by our native Japanese translators and proofreaders within the Company. This ensures 100% accuracy. Our Japanese<-> English translations with the exception of financial translations and technical translations center mainly around general documents required by corporations and companies. As we also receive contracts for English<->Japanese translation work from major overseas translation companies, depending on the language and field, we on occasion also send translation requests to these major translation companies.

Translation is a product (service) which is difficult to computerize. Automatic translation software has been released by a number of companies including software developed by translation companies, however, there is no software which is accurate enough to even produce a draft translation eligible for delivery to clients.

There is also a range of translation support software available which work by recycling past translation data from translations previously undertaken by the translation company and creating a database based thereon. This software does yield somewhat good results, however, the database itself is only as good as the translations which a translation company has completed, therefore, the more competent the translators, the more accurate the database and even using this type of software, translations will still at their core depend on the skills and abilities of the translator as it is rare for previously translated data contained in these databases to be identical to the data in new translation projects.

It is natural for those who offer products and services to aim for the highest quality at the lowest price. However, the reality is that there is a limit to how far any company can go with respect to prices for products and services which require skillful work without compromising on the quality thereof. In response to the challenging problem of providing high quality cost-effective translations, Samurai Translators focuses on "maintaining quality".

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the most cost-effective products of the highest quality.