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Samurai Translators Ordering Process

Samurai Translator's Ordering Process

If this is your first time dealing with Samurai Translators please read the following on how to place an order.

Use the quotation form to contact Samurai Translators and get a quotation if needed.

Send us a quotation form or email attaching your documents and we will promptly provide you with quote.

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Samurai Translators Ordering Process

*[2] and [3] below can be carried in any order you prefer.

Fill out the order form and send it to us

  1. Fill out a purchase order
    You can use our application or purchase order or if you prefer you can send us a purchase order in the format used by your company. Alternatively, you can send us an email to place an order as long as it clearly states your intention to place an order.

  2. Attach your documents
    If we don't already have your documents, attach your documents to your purchase order or send them to us separately by email, FAX or by post. Contact information is provided below.
    If sending large files in an attachment, send them in a compressed file.
    In the case of website translation, you can also send us the URL of the website you would like translated.
    If you wish to bring original documents in person directly to our Fukuoka Head Office, the subway to Meinohama will get you nearly to our doorstep. Our translation office is located on the 3rd floor.

  3. Add any important information regarding you translation.
    When sending your purchase order and documents, don't forget to tell us any other important information concerning your translation such as if you have any additional requirements, etc.
  4. Send us your purchase order and documents
    Once you've completed your purchase order and organized your documents, send them to
    (or send it to us by FAX to 092-892-3327 or 03-6368-5417)

    Of course as stated above you can send us your purchase order and then deliver your documents separately by post or in person

  5. Receive a purchase order acceptance
    Once you receive a response from us to indicate that we have accepted your application/purchase order, this will signify that a contract has been established between us in which you contract us to perform the translation. (Unless otherwise arranged by either of the parties, procedures regarding cancellation of a contract for an order shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code in Japan.)
Samurai Translators Ordering Process


For first-time clients and individual clients translation fees are paid in advance.
For returning clients, we can arrange for payment to made at a later date, however, an agreement will have to be reached concerning the details.
Frequent customers have the option of making payment upon delivery of the finished product.
(*For corporate clients, separate terms of trade are available. Please inquire.)
In the case of website translation, we require at least half of the entire translation cost to be paid upfront.
Please wire transfer payment to Samurai Translator's bank account or pay by credit. Details provided just below.

Samurai Translators Ordering Process

Receive finished product

We will send you the finished translation by e-mail or post according to what is specified in your order.
Website translations will be delivered as HTML files so you will be able to update and upload them quickly.
Let us know if you need us to send you an invoice.

Samurai Translators Ordering Process

Payment Method

Bank Account Details and Credit Card Payment (SG Payment)

Bank Account Details

For payment by wire transfer, deposit money into one of Myer Japan Corporation bank accounts. Details provided below.

Name of Bank Branch Name and Code Account Type and Number Account Name Swift Code
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Fukuoka Branch(652) Ordinary 0187539 Samurai Translators BOTKJPJT
The Bank of Fukuoka Meinohama Branch(254) Ordinary 2064053 Samurai Translators FKBKJPJT
Japan Post Bank 748 Ordinary 5595222 Samurai Translators JPPSJPJ1

*Payer will be required to pay any bank charges incurred for the wire transfer. Thank you for your cooperation.
Payment to any one of the bank accounts listed above shall constitute payment for any one of Myer Japan group's products and services.

Credit Card Payments

For payment by Credit Card, click the "Credit Card Payments" link below and follow the instructions. *Instructions provided in Japanese

Credit Card Payment (SG Payment) Samurai Translators credit card payment, Myer Japan credit card payment Samurai Translators credit card payment, Myer Japan credit card payment masterー Samurai Translators credit card payment, Myer Japan credit card payment Nicos

*Credit card payments incur the following surcharges
Up to 30,000 yen: 324 yen
Above 30,000 yen: 5% on invoiced amount